Virtuoso Bikes

Welcome to our store. We have been retailing to customers around the world for 10 years now. We sell those hard to get parts that most stores don't carry, and we go the extra mile when it comes to looking for those even harder to get parts you have set your sights on. We specialize in cyclo-cross, but of course we can also help you find that special road, TT or track bike, mountain bike, kid's bikes, electrical bikes, even city bikes. We are always trying to get you a good deal at VIRTUOSO-BIKES.

Our hands on expertise makes it possible to give you sound advice, not just commercially motivated, but coming from fellow cyclists who have done their share of competing and know which products are good, and which are better.

We always have good deals in store for you, but sometimes merchandise moves so fast we cannot guarantee their availability. We specialize in custom built bikes. That is to say, you pick the parts you want. We then build your dream bike for you. You may select one of our own brand frames at very sharp prices, or you can opt for a hand made, custom frame from one of our trusted Italian craftsmen. It is all up to you.

Another field of expertise is our tire division. Tubulars or clinchers, if we approve, we will have them in store or will not take long to deliver if stock has run out due to popular demand. Most of the well known brands are available thru Virtuoso-bikes. And all the necessary accessories of course, tubular glue, rim tape, inner tubes, patch kits and more. We have the perfect tire for every surface and all circumstances. Cyclo-cross, road and track.

We can service your Campagnolo hubs or shifters, or we can ship you the parts needed to do so yourself. If you want to work on your own hubs we will give you advice on how to proceed. This keeps the cost down for you as there is much less shipping involved, and it will be faster also.

OK, we hope you will be completely satisfied with out offer. If you have any comments or questions you can mail us. Please put a clear subject in your email heading and give us your name and address so we won't discard these emails as SPAM. A lot of that goes around and we ask you to bear with us.

Hope to see you back soon at www.virtuoso-bikes.com

Marco Vermeij

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